Attachment by Ven. Ajahn Sanong Katapunyo

Inception - Dissolution

There is only inception and dissolution for people in the worldly sense, but if we contemplate this matter in detail we will understand that it is the truth "Anicca Vata Sankhara." So we should endeavour to finalise the process. Only when we escape the cycle of birth and death can we escape the death of the body. To do this we must first put an end to suffering in our minds.

Some people think that there is no benefit to performing meritorious deeds. Afterwards when they are full of distress, they can see through it. Sometimes it is too late. Wishing to go to the temple, their bodies are too weak to make it. They are unable to reflect on the Buddha because delusion and carelessness make them too slow. Our complacency means we miss the opportunity to prepare the body and mind for virtuous deeds.

If the person who had passed away had made merit and was very charitable, he or she can make us realise the Dhamma by reminding his or her children and grandchildren to reflect on this merit. Thus he or she set an example for them to follow. We will not be sad and have regrets as death is natural for all conditioned things including our body. We continue to live in order to do good and perform meritorious deeds and dedicate the merit to our late parents. It is regarded as doing good for both ourselves and our late relations.

To sum it all up, the meaning of the Dhamma is to know the source and then how to bring about the finality of suffering in the mind. It is clear that everything is impermanent. We should undertake to realise, give up and set forth to take refuge in the Dhamma before the end of our lives, or when our fortune and perfection are exhausted and we cannot possess this body any more.

Finally may all of you have confidence in the Triple Gem and realise that the Buddha's teaching is the wonderful thing that can help our mind to gain happiness and rise above suffering.

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