Mind is important

Through mind training we discover whether or not our mind is peaceful. To practise meditation (Bhavana) correctly we must only be aware of the state of our own mind and not be concerned about other matters. In order to obtain peace and tranquillity, we need to observe how thoughts can continuously create impulses and emotions. So we can say that mind is very important.

If we know our own mind there is nothing left to know. Dukkha (suffering) and Sukha (happiness) are within our own minds. Depending on this contemplation, we understand the Dhamma and our own feelings and what kind of Arammana (emotions) or tendencies we have.

Though our body is peaceful, our mind is not. There are thoughts, impulses and emotions. We have to train the mind until it gets used to peace. If the mind becomes accustomed to peace, it will yearn for it more and more.

For this reason we must keep on training our mind until it attaches to peace and calms down as soon as we begin to practise. In taming the mind we need to be skilful in our resolution (Adhitthana) (to achieve the goal), in our recollection (of the object of the meditation) and in our entering and coming out of Samadhi (concentration). This will be very useful.

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