Training one's mind with services

When we have real understanding, we will be confident about chanting and worshipping the Triple Gem (the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha) which makes our body, speech and mind peaceful. As all these are meritorious deeds, they are the ways to accumulate the Perfections.

Material things are made in order to remind us of the wholesome. To think about Uposatha, Sala, Kuti and Vihara creates wholesome states of mind. We recollect our reasons for renunciation. It is as if our mind becomes free from confusion about other matters as it is absorbed in the result of our work, our giving Dana and our Sila (Morality).

When our mind is more closely involved with these practices, we acquire a high degree of energy. Mental strength increases and more practices will follow. The mind is more peaceful resulting in the discovery of Enlightenment.

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