Always changing

What we are doing is training our mind. We have to keep practising because our mind always moves from one point to another. So it does not remain at peace. Although we may have achieved some mental stillness, our mind soon wavers. Therefore, in order to gain peace, we must practice often, and then we will experience happiness and a wholesome state of mind.

When we are practising the Dhamma, the greater our intention and perseverance, the greater the result. If we lack the effort and become lazy, peacefulness will not arise.

Why do we have to practice every day? It is because we think all day - about old matters and new concerns. If the thought is good, we will be pleased, if bad we will become depressed. Considering a pleasant event in the future will cheer us up but we become anxious when we worry that the future holds bad things in store.

Some people become disheartened and begin to doubt that they will make it at all. Thinking that they do not have the strength to soldier on, they even consider suicide, they are beaten by life. After consideration, however, other people wish to make the most of life and persevere with courage.

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