Know our own mind

To feel the breath is to see form. If we become aware during breathing in and breathing out that we think of homes or various folk, this is a development of awareness as we understand that our own mind always wanders.

More thinking, more distraction. We cannot escape from our own thoughts. Yet, while we are unable to escape from them, we want to be rid of them. How can we do that when we do not know how to concentrate? Unable to go beyond, we rather die in order to stop the thought process. But we do not know that thoughts cannot be stopped this way.

Know that only Dhamma will destroy unwholesome mental states, the stream of thoughts, talking excessively. Thought is the cause of misery and this cause has to be stopped.

Footnote: the duplication is probably due to these teachings being transcribed from radio broadcasts; though, there are teachers who deliberately repeat for emphasis.

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