Towards Peace

A person who gains mindfulness and clear comprehension through meditation by repeating "Buddho " or by looking at his or her own mind, knows what he or she is thinking about - perhaps something that happened in the past, some event in the present or unwholesome thoughts which are full of craving, aversion or delusion. Having seen this, he stops the mental activity, and allows his mind to become still for a long period. Resting in this stillness his awareness becomes deeper.

When the mind reaches a certain depth, we must be conscious of that state. Whether it is light, heavy, illuminated or calm, we must always be fully aware of these conditions. Once there is awareness, peace will arise. We must penetrate deeper into the heart and mind and not be distracted by other people. We must never be distracted by our own nature. Know only one thing - the mind, and possess awareness within this. Then we will experience space, illumination and peace within it.

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