Finding time to train one's mind

There is very little time indeed for training one's mind. If one doesn't make time, one day every other business such as family and property will take over. It will be impossible to gain peace and tranquility. Time will be shared with different people, chatting and, at the same time, clinging and making attachments. By the time we want to let go, time is already up.

Most people are the same in that they do not have the energy to meditate, only to think or chat. If it is the other way round, concentration will occur very quickly. Very few people have the energy to practice meditation even for 5 minutes: they give up (too exhausted), but when they chat, they forget all about pain and discomfort [until they stop chatting].

Thinking and talking are similar activities. If we think, the stream of thoughts flows - thinking about families, homes and so forth. Due to our lack of mindfulness, it will go on for a long period uninterrupted before eventually ending. If we have the quality of mindfulness, we will stop thinking in this unwholesome manner.

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