The Revival of Buddhism in Mongolia

Barbara Hind has a First Class honours degree in Media Studies and an MA in Photography. She is a visiting lecturer in the UK and abroad, including, the National University of Mongolia and the Education Department, Ulaanbaatar.

In July 2001, she became the first westerner and only the third foreigner, to be invited to exhibit at the National Museum of Mongolian History, Ulaanbaatar.

Hind's exhibition 'Mongolia Today', which included 61 photographs and a video installation, was opened by Dambajav the head monk of Dashchoilin Monastery, Ulaanbaatar and Dr Nansalmaa, Vice Director of the Museum. It was attended by the British Ambassador Kay Coombs and academics, monks, nuns and others from Mongolian Society.

During the last year Barbara has held exhibitions in Korea, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK. In September 2002 she will be holding an exhibition in Indiana as part of the World Festival of Art and Culture.

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