The Revival of Buddhism in Mongolia
Related Sites
We have collected just a few sites with other pictures from Mongolia plus related information.

Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan contains pictures and words that were used in an exhibition in 1995 at the Asian Arts Musuem, San Francisco.

The Cultural Restoration Tourism Project
has begun the restoration of the Baldan Baraivan Buddhist monastery situated 300 kilometers
east of the Mongolian capital city of Ulaan

Tibetan Buddhism: The Mongolian Religion  Professor Sechin Jagchid, originally a Mongol from Inner Mongolia, provides an overview of the history of Mongolian religion.

Background Notes from U.S. Department of State provides various general information on geography, people, history, government and economy

Haslund-Christensen in Mongolia provides a fascinating record of the Danish explorer's                  expeditions to Asia where he collected sound recordings of Mongolian folk life (available in Real Audio).  

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