The Revival of Buddhism in Mongolia
In addition to the still photographs, Barbara Hind has taken film during recent visits. We are in the process of developing this to put on-line. 

So far we provide two film compositions, which provide a broad sweep of activity in and around the life of Buddhists in Mongolia. We intend to supplement other parts of the site with specific extracts from these compositions.

The videos have been prepared as streaming media and require Real Player to play, which is freely available from Real Networks. It is designed for use with 56Kb modems, but works quite well with 28.8Kb modems.

Please note that these depend upon a connection with MultiFaithNet - they are not currently available on this mirror site.

Real Media Video: Mongolia Composition

Main Composition 

Duration: 11 mins 50 secs

Description:  A composition with commentary and sound, covering the Museum of Victims of Political 
Repression, Building and Restoration, Museum Monasteries to Places of Worship, Medicine, Astrology and Pethub Monastery.

Real Media Mongolia Clip; Jewry Wall Exhibition 'Jewry Wall' Composition

Duration: 4 minutes approx

Description: A condensed composition with sound but no commentary that accompanies the photographs displayed in the exhibition at the Leicester museum..

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