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The following is a copy of the application form for a forthcoming event at the United College of the Ascension.

Buddhist - Christian Encounter

Compassion and Reconciliation

A course to be held on Tuesday, 9th June at 2 p.m., until 3.30p.m. on Thursday, 11th June, 1998

    at the United College of the Ascension, Birmingham, UK

Over the last few years, the United College of the Ascension has been building up a tradition of enabling Buddhist-Christian dialogue on various themes. The Selly Oak Colleges have also been the secretarial centre for the beginnings of a network for European Christians concerned with Buddhism.

We offer this course as an opportunity for participants to take part in such a dialogue on the themes of Compassion and Reconciliation so central to both religions and so vital for our world, as it nears the beginning of a new millennium.

We shall look at scripturual, tbeological/philosophical questions and practical engagement. We expect to visit Asian Buddhist Vihara and the Friends Of the Western Buddhist Order.

The course will be co-ordinated by the Revd Canon Dr Andrew Wingate, Dr Elizabeth Harris, Secretary for Inter-Faith Relations for the Methodist Church and Ms Ramona Kauth. Resource people will also include Ven. Dr Rewata Dhamma, Professor Aasulv Lande (Lund University, Sweden) and Shenpen, Assistant Director, Langchen Foundation, N. Wales.

This course is open to all. It can form part of a Certificate in Inter-Faith Relations. Details are available on request.

Course Fee (UK Pounds Sterling): 70- Residential (45- Non-residential)

Our principle is that no-one should feel that they cannot attend because of lack of finance. If you are not able to pay from personal funds or find a local bursary, please contact the College.

Forms may be obtained from:

Revd. Canon Dr. Andrew Wingate
The Principal
United College of the Ascension
Weoley Park Road
Selly Oak
England, U.K.

Tel: 0121 472 1667 Fax: 0121 472 4320

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