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This page contains in reverse chronological order the more recent additions and amendments on this Web site. It lists the date of addition/change, the site name, and a brief description. For earlier updates, please consult the earlier history of changes.

[N] marks a new page, [A] marks an addition to a page, [C] marks a change to a page


19 May 2011 [C] Relocation of Web site
After about 15 years, I've migrated the site from Easynet to Hostgator. The old hosting used MS Windows, which didn't worry about case sensitivity in file names, whereas the new hosting uses the Unix file system, where a distinction is made. It means that I have to fix some broken links and would welcome emails that point them out to me. One day I'll restyle the site as well...!

5 September 2004 [C] Buddhism - Resources index
A long overdue overhaul of the broken links in this page.

9 March 2003 [N] The Goal of Buddhism
Jane Browne writes about the fundamentals of Buddhist practice according to the Thai Forest Tradition as taught by disciples of Ven Acharn Mun.

2 February 2003 [C] Curriculum Vitae
I've revised my CV page, to at least give some details of the kind of work I do to earn my keep!

27 April 2002 [C] Contact Page/ Email spam prevention
I've introduced a new contact page, which gives my email address in convoluted form.   This has unfortunately been necessary as I have been receiving increasing amounts of unsolicited junk mail :-(

3 April 2002 [C] Index to Buddhist Books
I'm very pleased to announce the addition of The Venerable Phra Acharn Mun Bhuridatta Thera, Meditation Master, biography written by the Venerable Phra Maha Boowa and translated into English by Mr Siri Buddhasukh.

9 March 2002 [C] Ideas
A page with the occasional inspiration ;-)

March 2002 [C] Various
Some link repairs have been made to the main home page plus the a few other indices (Buddhism in the UK, Christianity and Interfaith).  There remain dozens more to repair!

23 January 2002 [C] Buddhism: a Mini Index to Dhammakaya
Updated especially to highlight the special cremation ceremony of Khun Yay Upasika Chandra Khonnokyoong.

4 July 2001 [C] Buddhism: UK Index
I have at long last done some link checking, making this much more up-to-date.  A few links have been added, a couple have been dropped.

1 October 2000 [N] Notes from the Millennium World Peace Summit
This summit of religious and spiritual leaders took place in New York (at the UN General Assembly Hall and Waldorf) between the 28th and 31st August, 2000. I was there as an 'observer' and took quite a lot of notes to try to capture the themes and atmosphere surrounding the various speeches. I've added to these notes some URL's for further investigation. I hope to arrange these notes properly, and draw out some themes, though I don't have the time at present. If anyone would like to do this for me, please get in touch!

31 January 2000 [N] Overview of Interfaith
I have prepared an overview of interfaith, aimed at organisations, which is substantially in the form of Question and Answer. It represents some of my current knowledge and experiences of work in this field.

January 2000 [N] Moving in to Chez Paul!
Welcomed the "New Millenium" by transferring my pages from the old address with Easyweb to the new domain! Also fixed a few broken links on the home page.

... hope to fill in more details in due course ...

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