To wish is the creation of Parami

If we wish to do good, a result will come out of it. So wishing is also called a Parami. It is the creation of Parami.

Everybody must have 10 Parami: Generosity, Morality, Renunciation, Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Truthfulness, Resolution, Compassion and Equanimity.

When we meditate all night here at the temple, it is a Perfection. We gain Truthfulness and Patience, and a high level of endurance. We need to be very patient. From all of this effort, comes energy.

So Energy, Patience, Truthfulness and Wisdom are cultivated. Compassion is the compassion towards oneself, to help oneself to gain both bliss and peace.

To have a motivation to sit (and meditate) all night and become more and more peaceful is 'Resolution'. To try to stop chatting, having one meal a day, having less sleep with impartiality are both Resolution and Equanimity.

So we can say that the 10 Perfections can be gained within one night. All these Perfections will become the energy to strengthen us to approach the Truth which will become the Path and Fruition.

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