Sceptical Doubt

To meditate and to learn about meditation, we must first study our own mind. When we know what it is like when the mind is peaceful, we will begin to know the way to practice. If the mind is not concentrated, uncertainty will arise. There will be no way of telling us how to practice the Dhamma correctly. Doubt will arise concerning our observances and practices.

If we have concentration, doubt will disappear. We will be decisive and assured. Here we are! This is peace ... This kind of practice leads to peace ... This is not the way to peace ... This mental training leads to tranquility ... This one leads to Insight ... We begin to learn about our emotions and our mind.

If we cling to doubt, we cannot make up our mind. During the practice we keep on having sceptical doubt; and as a result, there will not be any concentration. As soon as the mind begins to concentrate, we think about other matters and doubt follows. When the mind begins to attain one-pointedness, joy arises, followed by illumination. We however become too excited and wonder what will happen next. There will be no continuation of concentration, which in turn will create doubt.

Whatever happens, we should be indifferent, whether it is joy or concentration. Keep on meditating with equanimity. Peace will come in the end.

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