Understanding by stilling the mind

In the world we have to learn to think and use imagination. If we fail to do this we cannot remember or know anything. On the other hand, we have to learn how to stop thinking and imagining to have clear memory and realization. If we cannot stop, we cannot understand anything because Dhamma is to be understood only by stilling the mind.

For this reason we try to stop thinking. Though we are not very successful, we know that it is very difficult to train the mind. Therefore it is a very valuable experience. Anything that is easy to find has no value. The more difficult it is to find something, the more valuable it becomes. For example, gold is very rare to find. We can spend a whole day looking for a precious thing without finding it.

Our mind is the same. If we penetrate through it and find peace and space from thoughts, even for a moment, it is like digging a whole mountain and discovering a diamond.

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