The Sea of Life

Switch off at your own consciousness, not anywhere else. If we cannot do that, we will continue to think because this is the nature of mind. From birth to death, we never stop thinking. This mind has taken rebirths in countless bodies and aggregates. It has been going on for aeons and this consciousness will always keep on repeating the process. We have been many beings which we can see now and know about in the past - human beings, celestial beings ... down to animals, hungry ghosts, demons and hell beings. No human has not been through the cycle of Rebirths in the sea of life.

The sea of life is birth and it is full of craving. It's the sea in which we have to go, whether we have our physical form or not. Our consciousness will continue to be reborn there. Usually what happens is; there are impulses and emotions at every thought moment. For example, when we are angry we go down to hell; when we are deluded we become animals. The Buddha could understand the fleeting nature of mind by Samadhi training, and acquired Ľana (a vision of Truth). Wisdom will follow once Ľana is obtained, and there will be knowledge and understanding about the principle of peace.

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