To Contemplate the way out of Suffering

We come here to find the way towards peace, to meditate, to take precepts and to cultivate momentary wisdom. It can be said that we have discovered the direction which the mind should follow and we are accompanied by faith and energy. It is clearly the way which will lead us to a peaceful life.

If we do not consider breaking away from craving, searching for this and that and always struggling our state of mind is called 'Contemplation of the journey towards Suffering'. Happiness will certainly never be found this way because the mind is not disciplined.

Therefore when we are taught to train our mind, it means we are abandoning the heated anxiety of worldly life and are developing cool composure instead. So try to train the mind.

To succeed even for a moment, we have to spend a long time sitting in meditation. If we do it for a short period, we will not be able to overcome all the negative emotions. Therefore, long sessions of sitting, walking and contemplation are very necessary. If we can overcome the hindrances by this method of training, we will be satisfied with the inner strength gained from it. This satisfaction will encourage each person accordingly.

There is a saying that merit brings happiness. Happiness arises when we are pleased with our own actions which are conducive to peace. This happiness can only be seen and known by oneself. This realization is the direct experience which uplifts the mind to supramundane states beyond the ordinary world which is always full of affliction and turmoil.

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