Overcoming through endurance

When we have faith, effort, determination, peace, knowledge, understanding, and satisfaction with our past actions, these qualities will bring us strength. This is called Iddhi (success), and it includes Iddhipada which becomes the basic force to improve our state of mind.

If we do not have any perseverance, we may not achieve anything. If we have effort alone, but lack any patience, we will not succeed. We must develop patience and determine to sit and fight against Nivarana (hindrances) such as sloth and torpor which will stand in the way of anyone who tries to achieve the Goal.

When we face all these problems and obstacles, we must try to soldier on and exercise our utmost patience. To succeed even for one moment, we have to spend a long time in sitting meditation. If we do it for a short period, we will not be able to overcome all the negative emotions. Therefore, long sessions of sitting, walking and contemplation are very necessary. If we can overcome the hindrances by this method of training, we will be satisfied with the inner strength gained from it. This satisfaction will encourage everyone.

There is a saying that merit brings happiness. It can happen when we are pleased with our own actions which are conducive to peace at all times. It is to be seen and known by oneself only. This realization is the direct experience which uplifts the mind beyond the worlds which are always full of affliction and turmoil.

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