The 5 Nivarana

To practice the Dhamma, we must understand our moods, be aware of the state of our own mind, of anything which happens during training sessions, and of what kinds of emotions take place. We also have to know which one of the 5 Nivarana is our obstacle. Are we restless? Are we sleepy? Or are we full of sensuality in which we are contented to indulge and add to our confusion?

Vindictiveness is considered a kind of thought. When we do not sit and meditate, we do not know that it is kind of hindrance, but during the sitting, vindictiveness arises in the mind. Since we have developed an aversion towards the way some people talk and act, we keep on reflecting on them when we meditate. If we lack sharp awareness, we will think that we have no peace at all and then will lose the will- power to sit. It shows that we do not realise that it is the hindrance which has discouraged us.

If we generate loving kindness and try to develop enough mindfulness to overcome that mood, there will be peace and space. That is the nature of mind which is above hindrances.

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