A Great Fighter

When we practice, we must study in order to know our own mind - in order to see how many times in a day we are happy, or unhappy. If we want to understand other people's minds, we have to look at our own. When we really understand our own mind, we can understand another's. In every human being there are 3 fires: the fire of Lobha (greed), the fire of hatred, and the fire of delusion. So we are not different from one another.

We must observe and contemplate when these defilements arise and boldly fight back and annihilate them. We will then be the victor.

Most people who practice usually are not able to defeat Nivarana. Sloth and torpor and physical pain cannot be endured. Restlessness with no particular cause that we can perceive, which appears to be without end, is even more difficult to put up with. This in turn causes depression and dismay. We will start to think that our accumulated Parami are not enough to give us the staying power for sitting meditation. Devaluing ourselves in this way is a kind of Nivarana, which becomes an obstacle which discourages us from practising to overcome Nivarana.

If we intend to make merit we must do so in our minds with equanimity and detachment. We must train the mind to rise above Nivarana.

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