The Path of mind is to know one's mind

What we call the Path can be [described as] the way in which the mind is aware of constant thought processes. When we suffer from physical pain, restlessness, anger and vindictiveness, we understand that it is the mind which is responsible for all these hindrances. The mind which is full of awareness of difficult moods, influenced by Lobha, aversion and delusion is called "The knower". This knower represents 'The Path'.

The Path will eliminate Anusaya, wrong views and hindrances. It will become the Path of the Truth leading to Nirodha. Samudhaya will be destroyed by the constant awareness of one's mind, of various thoughts, and of the rising and falling of mind/consciousness. It can be said that by this we are practising to enter Majjima patipada (the Middle Way), the Excellent Way which enables us to look at our own mind.

If we have not entered Majjima Patipada, it means that we have not understood ourselves. We are not aware of our thoughts or of their contents, or of whether we have aversion or craving. We are only aware of them after they have happened because we have no Path to direct us, no Morality, Samadhi or Paa (Insight). The Eightfold Noble Path cannot be reached by such meditators. Therefore we have to try to train our mind to remain firm so that whenever feelings arise, we will be ready to fight.

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