There is no achievement without training

A practitioner of the Dhamma is similar to a sports person. At first he or she does not know how to play the game, but after some training, the person will master it and can play it at any time. It becomes easy, really easy. Training one's mind is the same. We must practise first.

To understand one's own mind is difficult, but if we continue observing it, it will become easier. By observing the different kinds of thoughts, we see how much anger and pain arise each day. There must be an intention to study the mind which contains the concepts of past and future and see how much we suffer each day.

If we can see through all these, we will understand the Dhamma. Later on, we will be able to develop forebearance and detachment. As soon as we are confronted with the same old emotion, we will be quick- witted and say to ourselves, "Here it is again, the old misery has arrived." When we realize what happens, we will become indifferent to impulses and emotions. To achieve this means we have developed Upekkha (equanimity). When anger or love arises, we will not get carried away, but will know how to let go. In the end suffering will be reduced.

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