The weapon in one's mind

We need to study the mind intensively, otherwise none of us will know how to stop suffering. The mind is abstract and very delicate. If we do not study Samadhi, we will not be able to understand our own mind clearly, only in a vague way. We must study deeply about Sati and Samadhi if we want to understand the Dhamma fully and correctly. Mind contains numerous emotions and defilements which can appear at any moment when the eyes contact an object and seeing takes place or when the ears contact an object and hearing takes place. Simultaneously, impulses and emotions are produced and suffering follows. This process gathers momentum and so accumulation starts. We have to study in order to refine our mind.

Whenever we see an object, we stop the process at once. This cutting of the continuity is the way to elevate our minds. It is the Path which leads to Nirodha. This Path can be compared with the current which not only separates us from merit and demerit, but also sweeps us up above them.

So we must train ourselves to create a habit to realise and apply this knowledge for everyday use. To have patience, diligence and Samadhi is always useful, it is never useless. We can make the most of them as weapons within ourselves. On the other hand, if we do not exercise, what do we have to fight against suffering? We will not be able to control excessive pleasure; or, even worse, we will be overwhelmed by pain. We will not have enough skill to deal with suffering and will be outmanoeuvred.

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