Not as wise as others

Have no fear of starvation. If we are desperate, we will be capable of finding whatever we need. Usually, if we are poor, we are poor in morality. We were also lazy in acquiring any virtue in our previous lives . While others were making merit, we were doing evil and enjoying it. When they went to the temple to offer food and requisites to the order of monks, we did not want to join them. As a result, we are not as wise as the others in our present rebirth. We cannot keep up with them whether earning our livings or acquiring wealth. We are outdone by others because of our carelessness in past lives.

If we understand the Buddha Dhamma which demonstrates that every thing depends on good deeds which consist of Morality, Dana and meditation, these perfections will help us to rise above suffering. To take rebirth as a billionaire, a king or a celestial being, depends on past merit. The more we are charitable, the wealthier we become. We will never be inferior. Morality alone is considered both a human and Brahma's treasure. When the mind is highly developed, Nibbanic treasure will be within one's reach and there will never be poverty again.

People become poor because they do not understand Morality and Samadhi, and so they degenerate. They become corrupt and hence enter the lower social scale. When people drink and lose their awareness, they automatically turn themselves into low class human beings. Acquiring goodness for oneself can transform one into a high class person - that is, one who is high in virtue.

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