A diamond in one's mind

One's mind can be compared with a mountain! If, due to lack of interest in the Dhamma, one does not dig and search through it, one will have no understanding of it. How can the Dhamma be revealed if our minds are never free? We are used to thinking all the time about getting rich and acquiring wealth. So how can we let go of craving and develop renunciation? When our thoughts always concern accumulating possessions and acquiring reputation, how can we dispel them?

We must be able to dig and search our own minds for liberation and development of realization. This is called "the discovery of a diamond." To succeed in finding it is not easy at all. We have to exert ourselves, sacrifice and put everything into it just as the Buddha did.

The Buddha also dug a whole mountain just for one diamond. We have to follow the same pattern, to train our minds with diligence in all postures - eating, walking, sitting and lying down. The main purpose is to observe our mind until it becomes one-pointed.

If we have developed awareness, can handle our mind with ease, and have developed one-pointedness, it is as though we have found the diamond within. Our consciousness will be illuminated and full of bliss. It is like having a treasure in our hands. One who has accomplished sitting in meditation is never poor ...

In the past we used to sit with our eyes open. So we were very stupid. We were not alert enough top deal with our emotions. When someone abused us, we abused back. When someone hated us, we hated him or her back automatically. How stupid we were! Later on, when we sit and close our eyes, we do not retaliate by scolding anyone, and as a consequence we become peaceful and stupidity disappears as we sit in equanimity.

At one time, we could not sit in meditation for fear of poverty and starvation. The more children and grandchildren we had, the more worried we became and the more we had to struggle. There was no peace when we tried to sleep, as we were thinking about earning our living. We had never known the words 'wealthy' or 'enough'.

Now, when we sit and close our eyes, we are surprised to find out that we are already rich. So we give up the unnecessary struggle to earn more. We are not worried about the amount of money we have. Suddenly it is enough. We are already contented because we have managed to sit with our eyes closed. The more we close our eyes, the richer we become.

People who can study at the temple are wealthy, but previously they really struggled for fear of starvation. They worked hard for different people and they were at their wits ends. When they stay at the temple, however, they can close their eyes without any worry. They are already rich enough and have no need to stress and strain.

Do not look down upon a meditator and say that he is silly and poor. Beggars keep their eyes open all day to see whether a satang (Thai coin) will be dropped for them. They cannot close their eyes for fear of missing an opportunity. They beg in this manner all the time. This is the nature of the poor as they cannot close their eyes. On contrary the rich can do so with peace.

People who misunderstand the Dhamma will destroy morality taught by the Buddha. He taught us to maintain morality and Samadhi within our minds in order to experience tranquility. Ones who practise the Dhamma have skilful means. They earn their livings in honest ways and use their wealth for charity. They therefore make pure merit.

When we can differentiate between the the skilful and unskilful means of earning our livings, we will not suffer so much. Even if we are householders, we will have freedom and peace. Life will not be as hectic as before. There will be equilibrium and our Suffering will be extinguished. Ignorance will be eliminated through our study of the Dhamma.

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