The path of mind

From the Sota Pati state, a meditator can understand his own mind, whether there is greed, hatred or delusion, whether the mind is pleased or not pleased. Such following of the mind is called the path and fruition of mind. Keep watching your mind. If you watch outside of the mind you do not see anything. Any sense object which comes into the mind can be seen to be rising and vanishing.

When a person sees a delightful object, he is pleased. When he hears some melodious sound, he is pleased, and vice versa. It is all in the mind. Similar tastes can lead to pleasure or displeasure. When this happens, just watch your mind. Impulses and emotions occur in a very short space of time and happen very quickly. All of this takes place in your mind and you have to watch it. If we can watch the mind it will be really peaceful. Just try it!

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