There are many who have generously contributed directly or indirectly to this book, whether or not they agree with my ideas. I would particularly like to thank the following.
My mother and father - see Preface!
Vajira Bailey, O.B.C. - for reading out aloud to me a complete draft (as well as being very supportive)!
Mr. Tony Blundell - for very kindly allowing me to stay by myself for 11 days in his riverside bungalow where I made good progress in writing.
Mrs. Jane Browne - for her encouragement, constructive comments, and continued welcoming hospitality in Cornwall.
Mr. Alfred Crabtree - for encouragement in my dialogue (internal and external) and related career guidance.
Prof. Antony Fernando - for reading a draft "word for word" and for returning a most wonderful response from so many miles abroad.
Mr. Paul Godfrey - for absolutely MEGA Atari ST support (first drafts produced in 'First Word Plus'!)
Fr. Gerard Hughes, S.J. - for his kind attention, encouragement and reading of a draft.
Dr. Alan Keightley - for his information on Wittgenstein.
Mr. Peter Tyler - for reading a draft and stimulating chats.
Mrs. Freda Wint - for reading a draft and offering comments without my prompting!

Plus: all my friends who provided encouragement in one form or another.

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