In Sight of the Beginning


Paul Trafford


  1. What happens after we die? - Motivation for enquiry
  2. The ineffectiveness of isolated rational thought in answering the deepest philosophical questions
  3. Thinking with the whole mind
  4. A few exercises in contemplation, meditation and prayer
  5. Truth and Reality: Finding spiritual direction

  6. Conditioning
  7. What of God?
  8. On Eternal Life
  9. On Religion
  10. On Being a follower of Christ (1)
  11. On Being a follower of Christ (2)
  12. Conduct of the Mass
  13. Conditionality and Transcendence

  14. Ethics in society
  15. From the 'Leap of Reason' to the 'Leap of Faith'; A view of science and technology
  16. On Inter-Faith Dialogue
  17. Perspectives (1)
  18. Perspectives (2)
  19. Epilogue

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