Stick to the same technique

If we experienced peace during the previous meditation session, we may have the desire to have the same result again next time. If we cling to that peaceful moment, it is as though we are still in the same class. We will not make any progress in Samadhi. So we should have no regrets but continue to practise.

It does not matter whether or not we can gain any peace. Do not dwell on the past experience but determine to start again.

Do not have any desire and think "My word, how peaceful I was on that day! Do not reflect. Just follow the technique of concentration which suits us best. whether it was mindfulness of the breathing, of body or mind. If any technique gives us peace, we should stick to it.

Even when we cannot concentrate after a great deal of effort in our meditation, we develop equanimity towards this too. And then suddenly the mind becomes peaceful with one-pointedness. We have to use this type of practice. Even when our mind is peaceful, we must persevere and at the same time let go. Try to remember the most effective technique for us and follow it.

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