Holding on to the one principle

If we do not have a principle to hold on to, it does not matter how long we try to practise, peace will not arise. Moreover, this can transform us into people with excessive craving, craving for this technique or that practice. Eventually, if we become too greedy, we will not achieve anything. Therefore we should fix attention at one spot to still the mind and make it free.

Any of our 32 organs can be used as meditation devices even the mind itself, if we like this technique. When we observe the mind, we will have real understanding about its nature. If we are peaceful and gain wisdom in this way, we should always follow this technique as different people are suited to different things.

We should stick to the most effective way for us because it will easily lead to the principle of concentration. Then we will not hesitate, doubt or look for too many techniques as it will be all too much for us. Just cling to one principle. Do not be greedy. There is only one point for concentration to arise. When it arises, contemplate the Dhamma which appears in the concentrated mind. It is our development of Equanimity again for the second time.

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