Chapter 19: Epilogue

It is better to do nothing than to be doing nothing. It is better to stand still than to be going nowhere.

There is no place 'out there' where you will find spiritual truth. There is no physical action you may perform which by itself will grant you 'a seat at the right hand of God.'

Yet urgent action is required; it must be of the utmost effort and vigour: every ounce of our energy should be devoted to investigating the universe that is our own mind. Then we may come to know God.

I hope that this stepping stone which I have placed before you has encouraged you on your spiritual journey. Throughout its preparation and writing, I have deliberately refrained from reading much material so that the ideas are as fresh as possible. In fact, my formal knowledge of religion, philosophy, psychology and associated spiritual works is still elementary, so please excuse me for enclosing only a few (but very good) references in the Bibliography.

Best Wishes


May the Spirit be with you!

Paul Trafford
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